The Girl With The Phobia Of Hostel Life | Sandree Home Best Hostel in Kolkata

The Girl With The Phobia Of Hostel Life | Sandree Home Best Hostel in Kolkata

It always feels great to hear back from our happy clients, especially when our efforts are good enough to change people’s opinions. We realized it when one of our tenants reviewed our hostel in her blogs.

 Roshni Biswas was one of our tenants who availed our hostel in Kolkata to complete her graduation from Derozio Memorial College, Rajarhat.  Since her college days, Roshni used to write online blogs in her leisure time.  One day she felt the urge to write a few lines about her hostel-life experience and how it changed her life.

---“College had always seemed so fun. I couldn’t wait for my school days to end and enter the threshold of college. From an early age, I was taught to prepare well for my higher studies. It was my father, who encouraged me a lot to study in a college of Kolkata despite belonging from a small town near Burdwan.’’

 Yes, that’s where our success lies.  We try hard to give wings to the dreams of lots of aspiring girls who want to break through their boundaries, who want to get out of their comfort zone, who want to enter the big city and chase their dreams, just like one day Roshni came to our doors where her search of the best boys hostel in Kolkata, ended.

 We remember when Roshni came on the first day, she decided on a triple-sharing room. That time, we had only one girl named Devika staying in the room and Roshni joined her.

----“I was looking for a decent roommate. Devika didn’t seem to be much impressed with the idea of sharing her room with me. She was lying across on her bed when I entered the room and she welcomed me with a fake smile glued on her face. Staying alone and being so far from my parents felt so boring. I couldn’t even sleep for the first few days. I never felt so helpless before.  The saddest part is that I was almost on the verge of going back home”

 That’s where we face the real challenge of serving our tenants. Often people become concerned about getting a friendly roommate whenever shifting to a new city.

---“Eventually, I learned that Devika is an introvert girl who takes time to open up. She became my closest companion throughout the years and she still holds a big place in my life. Looking back, there are so many memories, so many ways in which Devika influenced me and possibly carved the person I am now. I am really thankful to my hostellers who are somehow responsible for gifting me such a precious friend for life.’’ 

We believe in helping our tenants to really bond up well so that they leave with happy memories only. We are glad to know that Roshni’s stay ended on a happy note as she was able to form a good bond with Devika eventually.

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