Inside The Life In A Girls Pg: Based On A True Story

Inside The Life In A Girls Pg: Based On A True Story

A working woman who ever lived in a hostel has lots of stories to write a bestseller!

Okay we know that was an exaggeration!

 Well, if not a bestseller, then at least something intended to inspire others to live a hostel life without being scared.

At least that’s what we realized after receiving a ‘thank you’ note from Saroni Majumder, one of our tenants who left our PG in Kolkata to join a multinational company in Delhi.

Keeping up with her job in Kolkata was getting tougher for Saroni as her daily commute to work was quite hectic.  That is why she started looking for a comfortable stay in the City. Here’s what she wrote in her mail- ‘Finding out the best girls’ pg in Kolkata was a confusing journey for me. There are lots of options but choosing the best one was quite a task.’   It was 2017 when Saroni came to us looking for a trustworthy ladies PG in Kolkata.

 We are glad to know what she feels about her hostel-life experience. Here’s what Saroni wrote in her mail.

“From cooking breakfast to watching late night movies with my roomies, from taking a long Sunday afternoon nap to planning a weekend trip. From ranting about the girls in the office to helping my roommate plan her dream wedding, I spent countless days and nights creating memories to cherish forever.’’

She also added-” I was one who never spent a single day away from my Mom, from my home. To me, living in a hostel was a nightmare and all thanks to all the stupid stories I heard as a kid. I believe the past three years have been the most nourishing period of my life. It helped me a lot to grow as a person.’’

Through her kind gesture of thanking us for our PG service, Saroni shared all the brownie points of staying in a hostel. She revealed how the peaceful stay helped her to grow in her career and finally she cracked her long-awaited job in Delhi. Here’s what she has to say:

Leading An Independent Life:

Living in a hostel didn’t make Saroni’s life clumsy, undisciplined and out-of-control. It helped her to become more organized instead.  Hostel-life basically made her master the art of management.

While sharing a room with her female flatmates in Newtown, Kolkata, she learned everything from taking care of her own clothes, belongings, and money, space and washroom hours.  It made her able to manage time, friendships and situations.

Being More Responsible:

Staying away from home means living independently and it makes one understand the value of money. Saroni’s story is no exception. In fact, she wrote in one place – “Even ten rupees are important for getting two photo-copies done and I made it a point to save on regularly.” 

Are you reading Saroni’s story? Do you want to explore your own abilities and enjoy living life on your own? We, at Sandree Homes, will be happy to help you when you are looking for a top-notch girls’ pg in Kolkata

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