The Future Of The Hostel Industry After Covid19

The Future Of The Hostel Industry After Covid19

Okay, so hostels are built on the idea of sharing and community. How can these concepts survive in a time of social distancing?  As many of those are reopening, the challenge is common for every hosteler. COVID 19 has wreaked havoc on the hospitality industry and the hostel and mess sector is no exception.  Hostels around Kolkata have set quiet and empty for the last few months. The usual chatters, giggling and roars are nowhere to be heard. However, as the city of joy emerges from the monthslong lockdowns, much of the travel restrictions are not there. Hostels are eventually reopening their doors to the tenants.

After the 4th phase of unlocking, economic activities are gradually resuming. Employers are asking staff to return from their hometowns to offices. Slowly, new job opportunities are also being created. In such a situation, every business-minded hostel in Kolkata is prepping up their premises after adhering to all the COVID measures advised by WHO.

All the owners and the managers must do the calculation on how to operate post-lockdown without compromising with the matter of everyone’s safety. Just like the travel industry, hostels are encountering a new world filled up with new challenges.

The Future Of Hostels

Most usually, hostels draw particular crowds of people like students, working professionals, backpackers and budget travelers.  For all the categories of the target audience, staying in a hostel is much about the people they are meeting, opportunities they are exploring, the things they are experiencing and the money they are saving!

While the primary customers have always been the young- currently, millennials ( 23-38) and Gen Z (7-22) backpackers, hostels attract all demographics. 

 The trend speaks for the future of hostels, doesn’t it?  As per the survey records, hostels present a kind of freedom, it presents the opportunity to experience the world in a pocket-friendly way. However, affordability is not the only draw to a hostel in Kolkata.  Hostels are based on the idea of community and sharing. It majorly revolves around the people you meet while you stay at a hostel. The experiences you make, the lessons you learn and everything else.

That is why social distancing in a hostel is like wearing a swimsuit to the hills. It’s the exact opposite of what a hostel tenant means to do.

An Increased Rate Of Safety & Precautions

“We want to bring people together. We want to give them a memory to cherish forever.”- says the manager of a popular hostel in Kolkata.

That is why, hand sanitizers, new face masks and disinfectants are now a common sight around the hostels. The ambiance surely mimics that of a doctor’s clinic or hospital. Dorms that once were occupied by 4-7 people will now set the limit to 3 people ( maximum),  to ensure there’s a sufficient amount of distance between each of them.

All the staff will be wearing masks and hand gloves when they are handling food and other necessary things.  The housekeeping team will strictly follow all the safety measures while sanitizing all the corners.